Facebook’s Ever-Changing Outcry, Why Intangible Products Should Not do Constant Upgrades…

How many of you are tired of the Facebook changes? I am…. well sort of. As a marketer, its innovative, ever-changing, new options I never thought I would WANT or NEED. As a user, WTF? We love Apple because it is always changing for the better and it is a tangible product that we NEED and WANT to change, but as many changes as we have undergone with Facebook, do we want or need changes? With my iPhone, I am always so excited when a new one comes out each year, because this means that I can get the old one at a cheaper price. But with Facebook, its a service that I use five billion times a day, I do not need to wake up and figure out how my Facebook works, without some heads up.

I am not as outraged as some of you, but I am not pleased. My “facebook-senses” felt the change coming, but it was really drastic, and literally overnight.

The reason why I feel that intangibles should not do constant upgrades is because it does nothing for the consumer. The process that people think is as follows:

  1. Lost Bragging Rights -“I cannot brag about it because everyone else has the same upgrades. Its no individuality, although Mark is trying to sell me individuality. “
  2. Need or Want Was Already Met. “Did I really need this? Did I really want this? Who was the user that needed or wanted this crap in the focus group? They are not me.  What perks do I actually get with these changes? Why are the pictures set up like that?”
  3. Bad Timing. “Didn’t we just have an upgrade a couple of months ago? I was just getting adjusted to the new outline. Where’s the manual for this? Couldn’t we have had a warning?”
  4. Changed Settings. “Crapola, didn’t I block that person? Now I have to go back and change my privacy changes.”
So what do you guys think? 

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